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"i can evolve freely at ttv".

With her expert knowledge and positive charisma, Anika Blum quickly integrated herself into the team following her …

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watt drive impressed by reliability in terms of quality and suitability for series production.

Watt Drive is a specialist in the development and production of drive technology. The company has been part of the …

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the ttv-team: full steam ahead with maximum customer focus!

For ttv boss Harald Nitzschke, nothing beats top-class advice, customer support and service. That's why ttv is …

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Engineering solutions in the oil and gas industry!

ttv works in a range of different safety-sensitive industries with its development of customer-specific solutions. For …

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the new ttv reference booklet with large selection of customer projects.

ttv is evolving on a continual basis, and we are motivated by delighting our customers with first-class innovative …

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4 eventful winter days in the Oberallgäu Wilderness!

Today, we will be telling you about the Wildnisschule Allgäu wilderness school, which is making quite a stir with its …

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Engineering solutions in the Wind power technology sector

The huge strains and extreme temperature differences involved mean that wind power plants also pose particular …

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High performance shaft seal development project successfully completed!

The objective was clear. A comprehensive series of tests was to be carried out in order to analyse the crucial …

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Ttv - Its's right up my street!

With his positive attitude, he always manages to create a good atmosphere within the team even in stressful situations. …

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The company GFC Antriebssysteme, which was rebranded as AUMA Drives on 1 October 2016, is linked to ttv thanks to a …

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A day out at the wild mtb ride im allgäu!

Today we would like to show you the bike park in Hindelang in the beautiful Oberallgäu region, which with its nine …

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