Development project - high-performance shaft sealing ring


Based in Igersheim, Germany, WITTENSTEIN aerospace & simulation GmbH develops, integrates, produces and delivers mechatronic drive systems for aviation, aerospace and simulation applications. ttv has been the company's O-ring supplier for many years. The WITTENSTEIN Group has over 2900 employees worldwide, and an annual turnover of over EUR 400 million.

The company group WITTENSTEIN SE, to which WITTENSTEIN aerospace & simulation GmbH belongs, also develops customer-specific products, systems and solutions for mechatronic drive technology. As a supplier, it was therefore fantastic news when our customer WITTENSTEIN SE decided to the perform the series of tests with our newly developed high-performance shaft sealing rings.
ttv working on project development since mid-2016
University employees and specialists at ttv have been working on this project since mid-2016, with the aim of taking the performance of high-quality shaft sealing rings to a whole
new level in line with customer-specific requirements. During the series of tests, the products were purposefully and thoroughly investigated at their maximum limits and beyond. As well as testing different temperatures, pressures and materials, an extremely wide range of lubricant types were also tested, right through to low-quality lubricants as a worst-case scenario.


We at ttv are right on track for the market launch, although it will be very selectively organised:

  • We are always dealing with customer-specific adaptations.
  • Keeping the customer involved in the process is an essential prerequisite,
  • with the customer's parameters playing a crucial role in the development processes.
  • Substantial performance improvements can only be achieved if all of the relevant factors are interacting with one another correctly.

ttv project manager Massimiliano Casini-Cherici
(Dipl.-Ing. FH Technik):

"With the high-performance shaft sealing ring, ttv has created a whole new category, the benefits of which became really clear during the series of tests".

If you're interested in the new-generation high-performance shaft sealing rings, you're in the right place, as you can find all of the details relating to the development and benefits from a single source. Just give us a call!