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Shaft Sealing

Shaft seals
Ideal for sealing housings against the external environment

Shaft seals are leakage-free, active seals that are always used when housings need to be sealed against the external environment. We are the specialist when it comes to the use of shaft seals. Thanks to many years of experience, we know that in daily use, high demands are placed on the quality and condition of the tribological system. That is why every shaft seal from ttv is characterised by the highest technical standard and the best materials.

Whether for standard applications or for individual, customised solutions, our shaft seals ensure the functionality and longevity of your machines in use.


Shaft seals are seals that are used as a sealing element to seal rotating shafts in a housing. They are composed of a rubber-elastic diaphragm with sealing lip, a tension spring and a metal stiffening ring. The stiffening ring is bonded to the rubber compound in the V-shape during the vulcanisation process under high pressure and heat. DIN 3760 forms the basis for the design, application and, of course, the quality standard.

Mode of action

Shaft seals permanently separate media such as emulsions, oils and greases on the inside of the housing from dust, water and dirt on the outside. It is important to ensure that both the static seal on the housing is provided by the shaft seal ring, as well as the static and dynamic seal on the shaft. Since the sealing lip of the oil seals is slightly smaller than the shaft diameter, it acts on the shaft with pre-tension. The spring reinforces the radial force of the elastomer and stabilises it in the operating state. This makes every shaft seal among the rubber seals a special product that can be individually adapted to the customer's specific needs.


Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine any area of technology without shaft seals. As part of our engineering solutions, each shaft seal can be individually adapted for use in automotive engineering, drive technology, mechanical and plant engineering and heavy industry. Therefore, for the various needs of these applications, shaft seals are available as a standard solution as well as special types, for example for wind power.

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Whether agricultural machinery, construction machinery, forestry technology, drive technology, mechanical engineering, automotive or aerospace, we are ready for your challenges. With our engineering solutions, we manage to offer added value in all decisive product parameters through solutions developed specifically for customers and applications. Get to know our competence and best examples in the most diverse markets.