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End caps
For the maximum Durability of your Machines

ttv End-Caps are used to seal holes and boreholes in housings or apertures for shaft and axis inputs. As a specialist in sealing and bushing technology, we also offer perfect solutions for these technical requirements.

Whether you require standard End-Caps, whole or partially gummed variants or custom designed, we use the latest technology and the best materials.

It secures the function and longevity of your machine using End-Caps and Usit-Rings from ttv.


Profile Design Material Hardness (Shore A) color Max. pressure in Mpa (bar) Temperature (°C)
VK-G NBR 70 - 75 black 0,05 (0,5) -30 to +100
VK-G FKM 70 - 75 brown 0,05 (0,5) -20 to +200
VK-R NBR 70 - 75 black 0,05 (0,5) -30 to +100
VK-R FKM 70 - 75 brown 0,05 (0,5) -20 to +200
VK-TG NBR 70 - 75 black 0,25 (2,5) -30 to +100
VK-TG FKM 70 - 75 brown 0,25 (2,5) -20 to +200

Description End caps

Version end cap full rubberised

End caps consist of a metal part (deep-drawn sheet) and an elastomer jacket on the outside. They are used to close openings and core drill holes and often replace end flanges or covers in gearbox construction. 

In accordance with DIN 3760, the end caps have an oversize on the outside diameter corresponding to the size, so that there is an interference fit for prefabricated bearing seat sealing ring bores.

Advantages of the end cap

  • Compensation of thermal expansion
  • no risk of fretting corrosion
  • effective protection against dirt ingress from the air side
  • can be mounted in split enclosures
  • Inexpensive static sealing



Partially rubberised end cap version

As an alternative to standard end caps, there are the partially rubberised end caps, which are only partially rubberised on the outer shell.

Special advantages of this new development

  • good static sealing (no pop-out effect)
  • friction fit to the housing bore
  • good heat flow
  • good heat flow

Additionally we offer a variety of special solutions, such as with a hole or a vent hole.

Material selection at a glance

Raw material Short designation Temperature range
Nitrile butadiene rubber

NBR 70

FPM 70
-30°C - +100°C

-20°C - +180°C

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