Schmiergeräte Pressol



The company Pressol was founded over 100 years ago by Jakob Preßl, and is today a leading manufacturer of lubrication and workshop technology. Pressol’s success story started with an invention that continues to shape the company’s values and philosophy to this day. Because Pressol lives and breathes its marketing in all areas of the company – keep your eyes open, listen to customers, discover new potential and exploit it by developing excellent product solutions.

This philosophy has not changed since the year that Pressol was established, when Jakob Preßl invented a genuinely innovative solution in the form of the pump oiler. The demand for this type of product arose through his job as a machine operator on an Adriatic steamship. He did not give up on his search for a solution until he developed the pump oiler that could be used to spray lubricant into even the inaccessible areas of a machine at the press of a finger. The significant time savings and easier handling for the machine operators were the key things that marked the start of Pressol’s long company history.

Globally active on all seven continents

Over the following decades, Pressol continually expanded on its product range within lubrication and workshop technology, and is now active on all seven continents.

The range includes over 5000 end products that are used in agriculture, industry, the automotive industry and the con-struction industry, and by oil companies and ironware manufacturers. Wherever media such as fresh oil, used oil, grease, diesel and AdBlue are stored, extracted or measured, Pressol is a valued partner. Components such as funnels, oilers, grease presses, pumps and measuring beakers are particularly common items in workshops all around the world.

Over 90% of all products are manufactured in house, from the development stage to die-casting and plastic production, through to further processing, assembly, painting, final in-stallation and logistics, and even service.

ttv has been a supply partner for sealing technology since 2006

For Pressol, quality is one of the key values underlying the company philosophy. ttv was able to win over Pressol at the start of their collaboration in 2006 thanks to its high level of flexibility and in-depth specialist knowledge, and the uncompromising quality of its product and process solutions.

Under the leadership of Sales Manager Danijel Lipovac, the ttv Sales Team has also been able to continually expand on the scope of delivery over recent years.

Products supplied by ttv now include shaft sealing rings, lip seals, O-rings, vibration dampers, flat seals, complete pistons and housing seals. Thanks to the close contact with Pressol, all requirements can be met quickly, efficiently and directly.

Successful conversion to kanban

The most important project development in the collaboration between the two companies has been the recent conversion to kanban delivery. This method of inventory management and production control is based on the pull principle and constitutes a closed loop. As part of this system, Pressol defines the release volumes required for production on a weekly basis, and these volumes are then delivered by ttv in the specified packaging units by the required dates.

This has significantly shortened and simplified the entire process, from the enquiry and quotation stages right through to order placement and delivery.

ttv greatly appreciates the collaboration with Pressol and sees it as the perfect example of a successful process-optimised partnership that it hopes to gradually expand upon in the future in line with Pressol’s requirements.

Ute Schlenker,
Pressol’s Purchasing Manager Ute Schlenker sums up the benefits of the company’s collaboration with ttv:
„We are very happy with ttv, because in addition to the top-quality products,
the conversion to kanban has meant that our requirements have been met with a
high level of flexibility and professionalism. This has lead to a further strengthening
of our collaboration, and we look forward to continuing our close partnership for
many years to come!“