Fendt - an agricultural


Traktor Referenz Arbeit ttv Dichtungen GleitlagerFendt is more than just a name; for customers all over the world, Fendt is a solid conviction. After all, the brand promise states that Fendt tractors and harvesting machines allow farmers and contractors to meet their targets more quickly and with an increased yield. The Fendt brand has a daily commitment to meeting and even exceeding the demanding requirements of its customers.

The Fendt brand has been part of American global player AGCO since 1997. However, Fendt isn't just a tractor manufacturer any more; its an agricultural company with a full-line programme. What exactly is it that distinguishes Fendt within the AGCO Group? The commitment to developing the best technical solutions and providing the very best quality, whether this be a tractor, a combine harvester, a shredder, a baler or a forage harvester.
Fendt has a cutting-edge development centre featuring trailblazing technologies for research, design and testing. The future of agriculture is therefore characterised by efficiency increases and environmentally friendly solutions.

Even unconventional innovations can have the potential to become genuine milestones in the agricultural industry and to change the sector for good on a lasting basis. The ongoing development of future-oriented products is therefore another factor that helps to guarantee Fendt's success.

ttv establishes itself as a supplier

Several years ago, this philosophy of continual further development paved the way for ttv to establish itself as a supplier of customer-specific seals and sliding bearing technology for Fendt. After all, ttv's strengths lie in the development of individual solutions for increasing service life and the creation of performance parameters with upstream, precisely scheduled sampling processes. Today, sealing products such as O-rings and shaft sealing rings form part of the standard scope of delivery to AGCO/Fendt. These are used in the Katana forage harvester, for example. We also sample and deliver cassette seals and various sliding bearings.

ttv Sales Director Massimiliano Casini-Cherici has been familiar with Fendt for many years, and is a sought-after consultant when it comes to innovations and product developments aiming to fully exploit the potential of sealing and sliding bearing technology right at the start of a project process.

Flexibility and innovation

In terms of its collaboration with ttv, Fendt appreciates not only the top-class technical advice, but also the quick response time and flexibility of all departments, from Design and Development right through to internal sales and logistics.

ttv is proud of its long-standing partnership with Fendt, which is characterised by continuity and success. This trusting collaboration is also confirmed by the fact that our customer relationship has expanded beyond the main factory in Marktoberdorf to the sites in Bäumenheim and Hohenmölsen.

Elisabeth Stürzl,
buyer at AGCO/Fendt, sums it up as follows:

"What we particularly appreciate about our collaboration with ttv is the high level of flexibility
and willingness to take even unconventional paths to achieve the
extra quality, service life and performance that are typical for Fendt".