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Construction machinery

The construction machinery market is characterised by price wars and a high level of competitive pressure. The outcome of this development is an increase in productivity and increased sustainability due to new types of drives, as well as consumption optimisations. This is clearly demonstrated by the current product developments by leading construction machinery manufacturers.

There is a trend towards mobile construction machinery, with electric drives an increasingly common feature of machinery for use in urban areas. Consumers want “Made in Germany” quality but are simultaneously demanding concrete benefits in terms of quality and performance.


Europe appears astonishingly robust

As was also the case the previous year, the European market developed better than the markets in most other regions worldwide. In terms of market growth, Europe is in 3rd place behind China and India. Within Europe, the strongest sales growth was achieved in the French, German and Italian markets.

Top performance rquired

The construction machinery market is also highly competitive, and is characterised by the typical side effects such as price competition and high levels of competitive pressure. This development in the construction sector requires cost reductions, productivity increases and a reduction in machine consumption, and this is also apparent in the product development work currently being carried out by leading construction machine manufacturers. This trend points to mobile construction machines that are powerful, quiet and highly productive with low fuel consumption. German manufacturers produce machines of recognised Made in Germany quality, but are under increasing pressure to tangibly demonstrate their quality and performance benefits in the form of profitability comparisons.

The construction machinery market ist characterised by diversity

The range of different products used in construction machinery technology is huge. These products range from compact excavators and chain excavators to compaction machines, wheel loaders, tracked carriers and telehandlers right through to asphalt millers and wheeled pavers such as those used for asphalt installation on extreme inclines of up to 11%, which is quite common in the Alps.

This wide variety of products and the high stresses put on the hydraulics, engines, transmissions and all moving parts mean that both machine manufacturers and suppliers need to be able to provide components and assemblies of reliably high quality.

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The trend ist towards product-specific solutions

High levels of competitive pressure, extremely high technical requirements and the industry's desire for differentiation all mean that components are increasingly being developed to be both customer and product-specific. The reasons for this are clear. Standard products are usually available immediately, but rarely achieve the right balance between verifiably long service lives, innovative strength and competitive advantages. This trend towards individual product solutions is met by ttv in the form of its own dedicated development area.

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ttv is specialist in cutomerspecific solutions

Over recent years, ttv has established itself as a specialist in construction machine technology as well as in agricultural engineering, with its two competence fields of seals and slide bushings. For ttv, typical challenges include applications relating to drive trains, transmission gearing, ring gear seals and axles. Customers usually have a very clear profile made up of previous experience and objectives. Standard products from stock are often not adequate in dealing with the enormous strains experienced in the construction sector, such as continual use in mud, heat, frost or wet conditions. The increasing time constraints also lead to a significant increase in the amount of strain being put on the materials.

This development has lead to the strategic decision by ttv to set up a separate development area for customer-specific product solutions, with substantial capacity to support ttv customers. ttv has an experienced team of specialists in the fields of technology and engineering working in this new area, and these specialists, who are based in Illertissen, Germany, attend to every conceivable detail of a project. Material properties, material composition and design open up possibilities to increase performance, thereby ensuring that dirt, mud and moisture remain on the outside.

Best product examples Construction machinery

In the field of technological components and assemblies, seals and sliding bushings are only a comparatively small component. But this should not hide the fact that both product categories are often decisive for the service life and functionality of construction machinery and construction vehicles.

 Customer and project-specific solutions from ttv have demonstrably led to a significant increase in service life, temperature resistance, friction properties and tightness in recent years.

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Mechanical face seals

Drive seals from ttv are a typical example of our solution competence. Inspired by the excellent results already achieved in other industries, ttv technicians have developed new mechanical drive seals which, in a customer-specific comparison, have increased the service life by over 32 % alone, for example.

Mounted in a split housing, the ttv drive seals are pressed against each other with their lapped running surfaces. As a rule, an O-ring (NBR / FPM / etc.) serves as a pretensioning element which fixes and aligns the seal in the housing. Since the entry of aggressive and abrasive media into the seal is prevented, the high wear resistance and service life could be guaranteed.

The Facts

  • Service life increased by over 32
  • Entry of aggressive media is prevented
  • Possibility of individual adjustment of material, shape and load capacity to the individual, customer-specific requirements

Cassette seals

The situation is similar with the cassette seals developed by ttv for specific customers. Self-contained, pre-lubricated and equipped with several sealing lips, they form a sealing labyrinth that can be decisive, especially for robust applications in the construction industry. The actual sealing lip here runs inside on a machined running surface. This means that the cassette also places lower demands on the shaft seat. By using different materials on the component, it was also possible to increase the temperature load by 26 % to 108° C, which had the same effect on the service life.

The facts

  • Increase in temperature load capacity by 26
  • Sealing labyrinth ensures enormous tightness
  • All sizes and specifications can be implemented
  • Low demands on the rotor shaft
  • Good and easy handling during replacement and maintenance

TTV Special sliding bushings

In the field of plain bearing technology, the ttv engineers have also been able to meet the increased requirements in the construction machinery sector together with the development and design department of their customers. One example involved the improved use of the ttv-090 / ttv-092 or CuSn8 sliding bushings. Special oil grooves, modified clamping dimensions as well as design improvements exceeded the desired results in order to optimally support the qualitative differentiation strategy of the ttv customer.TTV Special Plain bushings

The facts

  • Increase in pressure load by 16%
  • Primary lubrication and interval lubrication improved
  • Transfer to the standard process according to drawing

Engineering Solutions

Anyone looking for innovative and noticeably better product solutions in order to stand out in the demanding construction machinery market would do well to come to ttv. The company can find an individual solution to meet any set of requirements.

A solution for every current requirement.

Project Construction machinery


Construction machinery and cranes


Worn sealing ring due to increased friction forces and frictional heat.


To modify the design and geometry in order in improve the wear behaviour due to increased friction forces and frictional heat.


Drives on winches and free-fall winch drives.


Increasingly fast-running winches and free-fall winches bring about higher circumferential speeds, temperatures and friction levels. The resulting wear pattern on the FPM shaft sealing rings needs to be significantly and sustainably improved. The general standard design currently in use was also checked and optimised. Pressure peaks that sometimes occur, as well as the application-specific parameters (speed, temperature, direction of rotation etc.) form the technical starting point.

A high level of leak-tightness combined with minimal friction are the most important requirements here.

Approach/Running test

Gradual step-by-step approach by changing the spring length and diameter and correcting the membrane of the shaft sealing ring. Close observation and analysis of the membrane by means of pressurisation and after checking the wear track in order to prevent sagging as a result of the pressure. Comparison of the spring effect and the membrane/suspension via pressure load cell and subsequent trialling in running test.

Test bench runs and testing carried out in multiple steps on the whole unit at the customer's premises ultimately lead to an optimal geometry correction.


Thanks to the use of the improved LF (low friction) shaft sealing rings in FPM, it was possible to meet our customer's more demanding usage conditions. The optimal balance between contact pressure and leak-tightness was achieved thanks to the close collaboration between technology and development over the course of six months.


Friction behaviour improvement of 18.5 %.