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Due to the extremely stringent safety standards in the sector, one of the most important criteria for a supplier to the aerospace industry is the ability to provide solutions. Our fluorosilicone FVMQ O-rings for the drive units in the cargo-loading system in the Airbus A380 are a prime example of our expertise when it comes to developing solutions. 

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A380 PDU (Power Drive Unit)

A prime example of this are the special O-rings made from fluorosilicone FVMQ for the drive units of the cargo-loading system on the Airbus A380. These units were developed by Rheinmetall Defence Electronics in cooperation with the company Wittenstein.

Unlike conventional models, these drive units are equipped with two motors, meaning that lifting and rotating operations can be carried out independently.

The PDUs are installed in the cargo hold of the A380. Their main task is to provide the roller with the necessary traction to move air-freight pallets and containers in the cargo hold under all environmental conditions.

The SE-PDUs are fitted with two independently driven AC servo motors. One motor provides the necessary traction, while the other motor can actively move the roller up or down.

Spring-loaded PDUs are arranged between the roller tracks in order to move pallets inside the cargo hold.


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