Engineering solutions in the oil and gas industry!


With its wealth of experience in sectors such as drive technology, mechanical engineering and aerospace, ttv has now made the move into the oil and gas industry.

Rohre Arbeit ttv Dichtungen und Gleitlagerttv works in a range of different safety-sensitive industries with its development of customer-specific solutions. For many years now, the expertise of our team has been put to use in projects requiring maximum precision, service lives and quality. As the solutions required for these projects are rarely available as standard products, they are specifically tailored to the projects in question.

Prime examples of this are solutions for motors, gearboxes or pumps in the drive technology sector. We have also established ourselves in the aerospace industry thanks to the customer-specific sliding bearings and seals that we have developed in line with the most stringent safety standards.
We are able to do this thanks to the comprehensive analysis work and careful consideration carried out at the start of a project. This involves looking at all influencing factors such as heat, cold, vibrations or media such as salts, glycol, dust and aluminium spots, as well as many other parameters.

This approach was what allowed ttv to acquire the company AUMA as a customer many years ago. For years, it has been supplying the company with both series products available from stock and customer-specific solutions. These include special seals for slewing gearboxes used in solar parks.

Thanks to all the positive experiences over the years, AUMA has now also commissioned us with the development of seals for actuator drives used in the particularly safety-sensitive oil and gas industry.

We are proud to be supporting this project from the development stage right through to market launch, and would like to thank AUMA for putting its trust in us.

Managing Director Harald Nitzschke sums it up as follows:
"We prefer to invest significantly more time in analysis work at the start of a project in order to develop perfectly tailored solutions for our customers that can live up to all our promises".