A day out at the wild mtb ride im allgäu!


The bike park in Hindelang is the perfect place for those looking for a “quick and dirty” adventure.

Fahrrad Wald Natur Sport ttv GmbH Dichtungen und GleitlagerToday we would like to show you the bike park in Hindelang in the beautiful Oberallgäu region, which with its nine kilometres of free-ride and downhill trails, promises to be the perfect adrenaline rush and a real treat for those on the lookout for a fast and challenging MTB course.

There are two main descents leading from the Hornbahn Hindelang mountain station, and you can easily transport your bikes to a height of 1320 metres in the spacious cable cars. Just sit back for a short while and enjoy the amazing view of the Ostrach valley
– and then you're off! You will find the entrance to the two descents "Yellow Banana" and "Black Rock" just a few metres after the mountain station. These differ with regard to their level of difficulty and the incorporated elements. A good idea would be to start with the yellow descent and proceed slowly. This route features an array of different obstacles, table tops and bends. At the bottom third of the route, you can then choose between two different options, the "Green Frog", a simple course designed to improve technique, and the "Red Chilly" a medium-difficulty route. The black descent with a large number of bends, North Shore elements and jumps is only recommended for experienced riders.

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