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Frequently asked questions 

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How does ttv and its products adapt to the constant changes and demands of the market?

Our engineering solutions team works closely with customers and our production management at R&D level. This ensures that we always have the latest designs and materials available.

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For which installation types can the O-ring be used?

The constructional design of installation spaces (grooves) for O rings 
is very important. The installation spaces should ideally be grooved at 
right angles. The groove depth and groove width are based on the cord 
thickness and the specific application. The specified dimensions relate 
to the nominal dimensions and should be used as recommendations 
for selecting the corresponding installation type. However, we would 
recommend adhering to these dimensions as precisely as possible, as 
an optimal sealing function is highly dependent on a precise design of 
the groove installation space.

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What must be taken into account when mounting the shaft seal?

The following rules apply to the installation of shaft seals:
• It must be ensured that the shaft and shaft seal are sufficiently greased 
or lubricated
• All components, such as the shaft, bore and seal ring, must be clean
• Junctions must be rounded and de-burred
• The shaft seal should not be tilted when it is pressed in
• The shaft seal should be installed parallel to the shaft
• Damage to the sealing lip, due to gearwheels or other junctions for 
example, must be avoided