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Our engineering solutions team works closely with customers and our production management at R&D level. This ensures that we always have the latest designs and materials available.

Learn more about our high performance shaft seals high performance shaft seal.

All common standard designs and dimensions naturally form our basic product range. Beyond that, however, we see ourselves primarily as application consultants for technology and design. Countless examples of joint, cooperative customer project developments from the ttv-engineering-solutions area are impressive proof of this.

You can find more details in our application examples:

Agricultural machinery
Construction machinery
Forestry technology
Drive technology
Mechanical engineering

Making the right choice of materials is essential in order to achieve optimum performance and prolonged life of the Shaft-Seal, because the difference between the individual materials can be huge depending on the application. In general the maximum admissible permanent temperature is decisive. It is important to know that the temperature at the sealing edge is higher than that of the medium.

More information can be found in the technical information for Shaft-Seals.


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With the exception of uncured rubber blends, the characteristics of properly stored and treated rubber products usually remain virtually unchanged for a few years. The physical properties of a large proportion of rubber products will change if the products are treated incorrectly or stored in unfavourable conditions. Factors such as heat, moisture, light, oxygen, ozone or solvents, or stor-age under tension can reduce the service life of the products or render them unusable.

Details you can see in our "Instructions for storing elastomers".

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