We want to shape top employees with enviromental responsibility!


oekologische Vernatwortung Nachhaltigkeit ttvOur apprentices on an environmental scavenger hunt.

Training is one of the most important tasks of any company.
It's not just about safeguarding the specialists of the future, it's also a way of taking social responsibility. In today's digital world, it's often easy to lose sight of things that are simple
yet authentic. That's why we are sending our apprentices into the woods in September – with a list of exciting questions and challenges. The aim is to experience nature at close hand and in a playful manner – completely alone, away from the noisy digital everyday world.
And along the way, our apprentices will also learn to take environmental responsibility in their day-to-day actions.

Eveline Zimmermann, second-year apprentice:
"I'm already looking forward to the event in September. It's yet another cool initiative by
our boss! I'm excited to see what's waiting for us."