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The main challenges in the technology industry are electromobility, autonomous driving and the use of weight-saving components such as those made from carbon.

The entire market is going through a phase of huge change due to the high importance of electromobility and the extremely demanding requirements with regard to charging infrastructures. This development is also creating new opportunities for the medium-sized supplier industry.

We see ourselves as a proactive partner in this regard, as we are able to create solutions in our own laboratory with inventiveness, new materials and series of tests, with the ultimate aim of increasing service life and quality.

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Technology Produktion

Product examples 

In the technology market, we specialise in special solutions such as our X-rings that ensure better haptical qualities in the ventilation system of a medium-sized car.

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Our task for this project was to make a good thing even better. By increasing the torque at the control dial and using silicone as the material, we were able to achieve a significant improvement while also reducing the costs.

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