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Rolled dry sliding bushings (PTFE)
Made of PTFE, for temperature ranges from -195° C to +280° C

We offer rolled dry sliding bushings (PTFE) in various specifications to meet the requirements of the food or pharmaceutical industry.


Profile Design Resilience Temperature Range Sliding Speed limit Friction coefficient limit value (dry) limit value
TTV-1W - ROHS 140 N/mm2 -195°C to +280°C 5 m/s 0.03 - 0.18 4.3 N/mm2 × m/s 50 N/mm2 × m/s
TTV-1T 140 N/mm2 -195°C to +280°C 10 m/s 0.03 - 0.18 4.3 N/mm2 × m/s 60 N/mm2 × m/s
TTV-1D - ROHS 140 N/mm2 -195°C to +280°C 3 m/s 0.04 - 0.40 3.8 N/mm2 × m/s 50 N/mm2 × m/s
TTV-1B (TU-B) 140 N/mm2 -195°C to +280°C 5 m/s 0.03 - 0.18 4.3 N/mm2 × m/s 50 N/mm2 × m/s
TTV-1S (DI)- ROHS 140 N/mm2 -195°C to +280°C 2.5 m/s 0.04 - 0.20 3.6 N/mm2 × m/s 50 N/mm2 × m/s
TTV-PK 100 N/mm2 -190°C to +280°C 2.5 m/s 0.05 - 0.20 3.0 N/mm2 × m/s 40 N/mm2 × m/s

Description Rolled dry sliding bushing (PTFE)

Rolled dry sliding bushing TTV-1X (TU)

The ttv-1X bearings are encapsulated sliding bearings made of a three-layer composite produced from a steel strip, a sintered-on porous bronze layer and a surface sliding layer made of PTFE and Pb (lead). This type of bushing has a low friction coefficient and protection against wear and corrosion, and can be used without oil. The low manufacturing costs and top-of-the-range technical foundations mean that these bushings are used in a variety of different kinds of sliding applications, such as in textile manufacturing machinery, hydraulic systems and automotive machinery as well as agricultural and forestry machinery.

Rolled dry sliding bushing TTV-1W-ROHS

The ttv-1W is a new type of bushing that does not contain lead additives was developed in view of increasing requirements in terms of environmental protection.

This type of bushing can also be used in the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as in various industrial sectors.

Rolled dry sliding bushing TTV-1T

The ttv-1T consists of a specially developed PTFE surface sliding layer and is particularly suited to applications with high PV ratings, such as transmission oil pumps.

This type of bearing is primarily used in hydraulic systems or for boundary lubrication, and in medium or high-pressure transmission oil pumps (P = 16 – 25 Mpa, V = 3,5 – 5 m/s). The friction coefficient and the wear and shock-resistant properties have undergone additional improvements. With hydrodynamic lubrication, the PV limit was reached at 120 N/mm² m/s. These sliding bushings are used in transmission pumps as well as in piston pumps and vane pumps.

Rolled dry sliding bushing TTV-1D-ROHS

The 1D bearing is particularly suitable for linear or axial movements. This type of bushing is particularly wear-resistant and can retain lubricant well, even if it has a long service life. It also simultaneously protects the mating surfaces from wear and tear.

This type of bushing is generally used as a piston ring in shock absorbers for cars and motor cycles and for various hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors and pneumatic components.

Rolled dry sliding bushing TTV-1B (TU-B)

The ttv-1B bushings consist of a PTFE layer sintered onto a bronze strip. These bushings are corrosion-resistant and are suited to high-temperature applications that can be carried out without the use oil requiring long operating cycles.

This type of bearing is used radially or axially, particularly in the steel and cement industries. The ttv-1B bearings can be used in panels as bridge bearings, as the thick inner surface sliding layer can withstand a load of up to 140 N/mm².

Rolled dry sliding bushing TTV-1S (DI)-ROHS

ttv-1S sliding bushings are oil-resistant, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant and salt-water-resistant.

Furthermore, the PTFE surface sliding layer is lead-free, meaning that this type of bushing can be used for applications in the food industry, for alkali-flow measuring devices, in pharmaceutical machinery, printing machinery, in chemical engineering and in the shipping industry.

Rolled dry sliding bushing TTV-PK

The ttv-PK bearing is an advanced bearing. The benefit of this type of bushing lies in its improved properties when used in water or with small quantities of oil.

The PEEK layer is over 0.1 mm thick, meaning that this type of bushing has a longer service life than the ttv-1X. These bushings are popular in high-quality shock absorbers as well as in rotary and lifting parts in military applications.

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