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Solid lubicant sliding bushings
Product solutions made of the materials solid bronze, cast iron and steel

In the product category of solid lubricant Plain bushings, we offer products made of solid bronze, cast iron and steel to meet the most diverse requirements for heavy loads, corrosion and wear resistance. Plain bushings with solid lubricants from ttv are predestined for the toughest applications in all industries.


Profile Design Base material Dynamic load load limit hardness Friction coefficient  Temperature limit sliding speed limit (dry) Sliding speed limit (oil)
DBL-1 CuZn24Al6 / CuZn25Al6Fe3Mn4 100 N/mm2 HB210 HB270 <0.16 +300°C 0.4m/s 5m/s
DBL-4 HT250 60 N/mm2 HB180 HB230 <0.18 +400°C 0.5 m/s
DBL-5 100 Cr6 250 N/mm2 70 N/mm2 HRC58 HRC60 <0.17 +350°C 0.1 m/s 2.5 N/mm2 x m/s

Description Solid lubricant sliding bushings

Solid lubricant sliding bushing DBL-1

DBL-1 solid lubricant sliding bushings are made of solid bronze with pre-integrated solid graphite lubricant. Their load limit is considerably higher than standard sliding bushings, where lubrication is dependent upon there being a film of oil.

These bushings are used with heavy loads, in anti-corrosion applications or if it is very difficult to obtain lubricant. These bushings perform twice as well due to their strength and wear-resistance.

They are generally used in casting machines, in the mining and shipbuilding industries, in turbo generators and hydraulic turbines and for injection-moulding machines for the plastics processing industry.

Solid lubricant sliding bushing DBL-4

DBL-4 solid lubricant sliding bushings have a HT250 cast iron base.

These sliding bushings are used when a cost-effective solution is required and when the mechanical requirements are not to high, e.g. in guide rods for moulding tools, cast-iron plates for plastic injection moulding machinery.

Festschmierstoff-Gleitlager DBL-5

DBL-5 solid lubricant sliding bushings are reinforced-material products from the DBL series and have a GCr15 steel base.

These sliding bushings have high levels of compression resistance and are particularly suitable for use in guides for lifting machinery and winding equipment. They are also used in winches and cranes. They should not be used in water or in acidic or alkaline conditions.

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