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RSS Dachmanschetten

RSS roof sleeves
Ideal for applications in hydraulics, presses or steel mills

RSS roof sleeves are the ideal seal for use in hydraulics, presses, but also in steelworks, mining and sluices. RSS roof sleeves are suitable for a temperature range from -40° to +130°. The material of the RSS roof sleeves consists of fabric-reinforced NBR / POM. 
profile design Appliance Mode of action circumferential speed Temperature Range Material/Pressure
RSS Hydraulic systems, presses, steelworks,
mining, locks
single 0.5 m/s -40°C +130°C Fabric reinforced
60 MPa


Profile Design  Material circumferential speed Temperature Range Pressure
Pressure ring POM/PTFE 0.5 m/s -40°C +130°C 60 MPa
Sealing ring NBR, fabric reinforced NBR 0.5 m/s -40°C +130°C 60 MPa
Support ring NBR, fabric reinforced NBR 0.5 m/s -40°C +130°C 60 MPa

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