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Bi-metal sliding bushings
The best solution for every application thanks to a wide range of variants

In the product category of bi-metal sliding bushings, we offer you a wide range of variants with different material properties to provide a perfect solution for every industry and its applications. 

Whether made of steel with sintered copper, with steel strip or with additional sliding layers, talk to us about your requirements for high-performance bi-metal sliding bushings.


Profile Design Surface material Load Capacity Resistance alloy range friction coefficient temperature limit
TTV-800 CuSn10Pb10 / CuSn6Zn6Pb3 65 N/mm2 HB70 HB100 +260°C
TTV-720 CuPb24Sn4 38 N/mm2 HB45 HB70 +170°C
TTV-700 CuPb30 25 N/mm2 HB30 HB45 +170°C
TTV-20 AlSn20Cu 30 N/mm2 HB30 HB40 +150°C
TTV-TF-1 CuSnPb + C 150 N/mm2 0.05   0.18 +300°C

Description Bimetal sliding bushings

Bimetal sliding bushing TTV-800

The construction of the bi-metal sliding bushings ttv-800 is based on steel with sintered CuPb10Sn10 or CuSn6Zn6Pb3 as surface sliding layer.

These ttv-800 type products have the best characteristics within the bi-metal Plain bushings. They can be used in balancing suspensions of heavy commercial vehicles, wheels of bulldozers, car chassis, etc. sliding bushings ttv-800 are best suited for the medium speed range and for applications with high impact and shock forces.

Bimetal sliding bushing TTV-720

The product variant ttv-720 is a bi-metal sliding bushings with steel strip and sintered CuPb24Sn4 as surface sliding layer.

Due to high performance characteristics, long service life with low material fatigue and enormous load capacity, these bi-metal sliding bushings are particularly suitable for medium speeds and loads. sliding bushings ttv-720 are therefore often used in the construction and agricultural machinery industry.

Bimetal sliding bushing TTV-700

Bi-metal sliding bushings ttv-700 are equipped with steel strip and sintered CuPb30 as surface sliding layer.

These bi-metal sliding bushings have good anti-blocking protection. Due to their high lead content, the sliding bushings ttv-700 can bind more dirt particles and foreign matter and thus prevent seizure.

Bimetal sliding bushing TTV-20

Sliding bushings ttv-20 are based on tin and aluminium and are equipped with a steel strip and a surface sliding layer of AISn20Cu.

Sliding bushings ttv-700 are equipped with steel strip and sintered CuPb30 as surface sliding layer.

These Sliding bushings are characterised by long service life, low material fatigue, high load capacity and low susceptibility to corrosion. Plain bushings ttv-20 are therefore used in combinations of high speeds with low loads, such as in combustion engines, air compressors and cooling machines.

Bimetal sliding bushing TTV-TF-1

The ttv-TF-1 bi-metal sliding bushings are a further development of the ttv-800 type, made of a black-lead alloy.

As a result, these bi-metal Plain bushings have improved friction properties. Shaft protection can be achieved without the use of oil, as black lead dissolves when used without oil under high temperatures. Predominantly, these bi-metal Plain bushings are used in guides of lifting equipment, lifts and similar applications.

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