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Plastic sliding bushing
Product solutions and variants from OMC and GMC

In the field of plastic slide bushings, ttv offers you variants made of oil-impregnated nylon material as well as the reinforced nylon material GMC. Both plastic slide bushings have their different advantages, especially in the area of friction coefficients.


Profile Design Tensile trength Temperature Range friction coefficient hardness Linear expansion
ttv-OMC 14 MPa 20 MPa -40°C to +80° 0.12 to 0.16 HRC R118 1 × 10/°C
ttv-GMC 14 MPa 20 MPa -40°C to +80° 0.45 to 0.5 HRC R118 1 × 10/°C

Description Plastic sliding bushings

Plastic sliding bushing TTV-OMC

OMC is an oil-impregnated nylon material. It is a high-strength and self-lubricating plastic made from a nylon monomer and which stores lubricant as a result of a catalysing polymerization reaction.

OMC is popular in hydroelectricity technology, metallurgical machinery, rubber roller machinery and vulcanisation machinery.

Plastic sliding bushing TTV-GMC

GMC is a reinforced nylon material. It is filled with fibreglass, which gives it impressively high levels of stability and rigidity along with low stick-slip.

This material is commonly used in the mining industry, in shipyards and in the paper manufacturing industry.

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