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For high levels of stability in dynamic applications

X-Rings are double sealing four-lobe seals that are characterised by their square profile. The X-Ring is defined by its inner diameter d and its cord thickness d2.



Profile Design Material Hardness (Shore A) Color Temperature (°C)/ Temporarily
X-Ring NBR 70 black -30 to +120
X-Ring HNBR 70 black -30 to +130/+150
X-Ring FKM 70 brown -20 to +200
X-Ring EPDM 70 black -40 to +110/+130
X-Ring VMQ 70 red -50 to +200

Mode of action for X-Rings

The X-Ring is symmetrically shaped. It can adapt to every situation and withstand stress in any direction (radial, axial). The grouting increases dependent on the pressure. At high pressure should use Backup-Rings.


Advantages for X-Rings

The advantage of X-rings is no risk of torsion and a low coefficient of friction, which is achieved by:
  • slippery materials
  • low preload
  • grease reserve between the lips

A better sealing of the X-rings against each other is mainly achieved by a double contact. Due to its geometry, the X-ring can be used in dynamic applications with rotating movements (1m / s).

X-Rings in dynamic applications

The main advantage of the X-Ring is its high stability in dynamic applications where O-Rings provide a low performance.

X-Rings have four lips, which result in greater sealing surface. The four-lip seal was developed to achieve an improved lubrication of the seal and to avoid a rolling of the seal or spiral errors.

In contrast to O-Rings, which can roll in the groove and can cause a rotation, X-Rings will slide easily on. Also in regards to spiral errors X-Rings are much more resistant.


Standards and approvals for X-Rings

As it is the case with O-Rings, most X-Rings are produced in accordance for American Produced standards with inch sizes and AS numbers.

The dimensions of the X-Ring in accordance with the American standard AS568 and the associated O-Ring numbers. Compared to the grooves for O-Rings the standard grooves for X-Rings are deeper. For groove dimensions for X-Rings, there is a greater scope available, since X-Rings needs less pressure and can compensate for this. That means less friction and therefore less wear of the seal.


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Frequently asked questions

What materials are X-Rings made from?

Our X-Rings are made from different materials. These materials can be used in production:
  • Elastomers such as NBR, EPDM, FKM, VMQ
  • polyurethane

The production of our X-Rings can vary depending on the application.

Is it possible to have customised X-Rings manufactured by ttv?

We have been manufacturing seals and plain bearings for our customers since 1990. Thanks to our production facilities, we are able to cater to individual customer requirements and produce our X-rings as required for the respective application.

If you are unsure whether your idea is technically feasible, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you personally.

Where are X-Rings used?

X-Rings ensure high stability in dynamic applications and can be used in various areas. These include, among others:
  • In hydraulic and pneumatic systems: Sealing pistons and rods
  • In motors and gearboxes: For sealing slowly rotating shafts
  • In pump systems
  • In compressors

Our customers come from a wide range of industries such as the automotive industry, aerospace technology, mechanical engineering, agriculture, chemicals and medical technology.

When should I use X-Rings?

X-Rings are particularly suitable for environments with:
  • High pressures
  • High temperatures
  • Dynamic movements


Whether agricultural machinery, construction machinery, forestry technology, drive technology, mechanical engineering, automotive or aerospace, we are ready for your challenges. With our engineering solutions, we manage to offer added value in all decisive product parameters through solutions developed specifically for customers and applications. Get to know our competence and best examples in the most diverse markets.