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Dynamic seals

Dynamic seals
Special seals to prevent medium transfer

Fluid seals offer the perfect solution for applications that can involve direct contact with an extremely wide range of different fluids or sludge. Some of these are subject to extremely stringent statutory specifications, which are fully complied with by ttv’s range of fluid seals. Typical application areas for fluid seals include industrial industries for engines, gearboxes and pumps, as well as in the wind power sector and the construction machinery and agricultural machinery sector. The solutions range from piston seals, rod seals, lip seals, rotation seals and complete pistons right through to RSS sleeves, wipers and guiding elements. 


Whether agricultural machinery, construction machinery, forestry technology, drive technology, mechanical engineering, technology or aerospace, we are ready for your challenges. With our engineering solutions, we manage to offer added value in all decisive product parameters through solutions developed specifically for customers and applications. Get to know our competence and best examples in the most diverse markets.