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Gerollte Trockengleitlager (POM)

Rolled dry sliding bushing POM
Made of polyacetale, with performance-enhancing additional layers.

We offer rolled dry sliding bushings POM in four different designs, which enable higher loads and sliding properties with additional layers. With the types TTV-2Y, TTV-3NY, TTV-2X and TTV-2S of rolled dry sliding bushings POM, we ensure a performance-enhancing solution for every application.


Profile Design PV-limit 
(lubricated + dry)
resilience Temperature Range sliding speed limit friction coefficient
TTV-2Y (TX) - ROHS 22 N/mm2 × m/s 70 N/mm2 -40°C to +130°C 2.5 m/s 0.05 - 0.25
TTV-3NY 2.8 N/mm2 × m/s 80 N/mm2 -10°C to +160°C 2.5 m/s 0.00 - 0.20
TTV-2X 22 N/mm2 × m/s 70 N/mm2 -40°C to +130°C 2.5 m/s 0.05 - 0.25
TTV-2S (ROHS) 22 N/mm2 × m/s 70 N/mm2 -40°C to +130°C 5 m/s 0.04 - 0.20
TTV-BF 3.6 N/mm2 × m/s 140 N/mm2 -195°C to +280°C 5 m/s 0.04 - 0.20

Description Rolled dry sliding bushings POM

Rolled dry sliding bushing TTV-2Y (TX) – ROHS

The ttv-2Y sliding bushings are lead-free and constitute an improvement on the ttv-2X bushings. They are used in sectors where lead must not be used, such as in textile machinery and vehicle steering systems, medium-speed applications or applications with medium loads and medium levels of grease lubrication.

Rolled dry sliding bushing TTV-3NY

With immediate effect, we offer the developed sliding bushing material ttv-3Y (TX) as an improvement of our well-known POM material. A special nylon layer, sintered on a steel or bronze band is characterized by the following advantages towards the characteristics of the POM material:
wear-resistant, heat-resistant (no problem to use until max. 160 C°), extended lifetime.

Rolled dry sliding bushing TTV-2X

The ttv-2X sliding bushings are based on a 3-layer composite: The composite comprises a steel substrate, a sintered bronze intermediate layer and a modified POM surface sliding layer.

These bushings are particularly suited to applications with low speeds and heavy loads. The ttv-2X sliding bushings are generally used in the automotive chassis sector, in forging, metallurgical and mining machinery and in power plants and rolling mills, among other areas.

Rolled dry sliding bushing TTV-2S (ROHS)

The ttv-2S sliding bearings can be used with very little or even no lubricant under mixed friction, and are characterised by their low levels of friction, good corrosion protection and long service lives. These sliding bushings can be used with oscillating movements under severe environmental impacts, such as corrosion. The applications for these bushings are winches and bulldozers but also printing and dyeing machinery in the textile industry.

Rolled dry sliding bushing TTV-BF

The ttv-BF bearing use the PTFE fibres fabric and aramid fiber overlayed on metal backing. The fabric has very high load capacity and high acuracy. The bushing has superior performance under low speed and heavy friction condition. Widely used in heavy equipment like construction machinery, agriculture machinery.

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