Total costs Germany


Current development

On the occasion of our market topics in January and February, we were already able to report on positive changes as well as normalizations.

Location-related differences have had a strong impact on contract awards, especially in the past year. Germany and Europe have increasingly struggled to position themselves in an international comparison. Energy costs in particular have been and continue to be a significant factor in all calculations. 

The development of labor costs is also affecting competitiveness. In addition, there is hardly an area or industry that has not approached us with higher costs and prices. We saw a percentage, double-digit development in 2022, and further price and cost adjustments can also be expected for the current fiscal year.

However, because of this, we also feel compelled to adjust our peripheral costs, which are not necessarily related to the part or product price, in our calculation. 

Updated and adjusted prices for your products are automatically stored in our system. Our sales team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Due to price increases of our transport partners the shipping costs within Germany will be €8,80 per carton from 01.04.2023.

Before the summer break we will inform you about further developments and new production possibilities.