The new site is being designed as an extraordinary
concept creating an innovative format for
work and lifestyle.
In order to achieve this, company owner Harald Nitzschke has purchased an existing
complex consisting of office space, logistics space and workshops
with an area of around 9000 m2, which is now being completely redesigned
by a team of architects.
Because the space is too large for ttv alone, the site will also be a new
home for tenants, who will benefit from state-of-the-art infrastructure and
highly efficient logistics.

The new way of working – inspired by quality of life!
The world of work is going through a phase of rapid change. As a result of digitalisation,
employees may now be working in the office, directly at the customer's premises
or from their own home office. Borders are becoming blurred and the demand
for flexibility and agile, state-of-the-art infrastructure
is increasing.
We are committed to going far beyond the current standard.
We support the merging of work and personal life in order
to create an inspirational atmosphere. One that encourages creativity and
innovation without any of the usual limitations.
And we also have a forward-looking solution for the children
of our employees. There is a separate supervised
area for children on the ground floor and the
adjacent outdoor playground. With no time pressure
or stress, creating the perfect conditions for improved performance.

And our customers benefit too
Our schedule is honest. We will be moving into the premises as
the main user in September 2021, together with the initial
tenants. As our customer, you will of course
see a considerable benefit from our new site.
The main benefit will arise from the extra logistics space,
which will enable us to considerably expand our
range as planned. But that's not
all. Our new online shop will allow us to offer even quicker
delivery times for standard products and at
excellent value for money.
To this end, we have set up three teams to provide targeted and specialised support for
our customers in the target groups of industry, the automotive sector
and trade. More information on this can be found in
our report on page 6/7 of this edition.
Extremely fast data cables also ensure real-time
communication. We will also have several
multirooms with complete digital infrastructure. This will benefit
the entire team, and in particular our Technology and
Development department. Face-to-face meetings with you or
Cloud Meetings and Chats will also be conducted in optimum
You can keep up to date with the latest developments at
the new site by reading the next magazine edition and following our
social media channels.


Coming soon – we're looking forward to our NEW HOME!