As announced in the last edition, our
apprentices went on the very first environmental scavenger hunt
and were extremely enthusiastic. The aim of the event was to promote responsibility
for present and future environmental challenges in
a playful manner. Here is the no-holds-barred experience report from
our apprentices:
The very first environmental scavenger hunt for our apprentices
tool place on 23 September. At 9 a.m., we started the day at
the Iller river in Bellenberg. The scavenger hunt was split into four
The first station focused on the topic of environmental pollution
at the expense of the general public, e.g. slash-and-burn
agriculture in virgin forests. This takes away the habitat of wild animals and
pollutes our air. At the end of the
station there were a few questions
for us to show off our knowledge.
Station 2 was dedicated to the topic of greenwashing.

Many companies
claim to be environmentally friendly even though they most definitely
aren't, such as H&M, McDonald's and Ferrero (Kinder Bueno)... We allocated the various problems on a clothesline,
and had a long discussion regarding why we continue to shop at these companies despite these issues.
Station 3 related to the German Renewable Energy
Sources Act. We received some information and then had to
match the correct specialist terms to the questions at the end of the station.
The real highlight was station 4! The final station of the
environmental scavenger hunt took the form of a game of
"Taboo". We got into teams of 2 to play the guessing game,
which was accompanied by a whole lot of laughter.
At the end of the scavenger hunt it was time for a picnic.
We each brought along a few snacks and some drinks.
To sum up the scavenger hunt: "We're looking forward to part 2 of the
scavenger hunt and are already excited to see what's in store!"