ttv celebrates its 30-year anniversary of seal and sliding bearing technology


Geschäftsleitung ttv Harlad Nitzschke ttv gmbh Illertissen Dichtungen und GleitlagerEvery company has its own recipe for success when it comes to establishing itself on the market. For specialist ttv, it was clear right from the start that this could only be achieved by focusing on customer orientation in its purest form. After all, there are and always have been major players on the market, providing standard ranges with all of the possible variants.

We spoke to Managing Director Harald Nitzschke about ttv's positioning on the market.

Mr Nitzschke, firstly, many congratulations on your company's 30-year anniversary, which you're no doubt very proud of...
Yes, most definitely. After all, we've always done things our own way right from the start, and have never paid too much attention to what anyone else is doing.
My father, who paved the way for ttv in the 1980s, always believed that we operate on our own terms and deliver whatever is best for our customers – no ifs, no buts"!

So what was the deciding factor in enabling you to evolve so successfully in this market, dominated as it is by major players?
The crucial factor is that this pure customer orientation was an approach that we followed as a matter of course, and it still has the same importance today. When we needed to meet cost pressures while simultaneously ensuring high quality levels, we were one of the first companies to look to Asia, where we set up infrastructures to meet the requirements of our customers. We are still thankful for this to this day.

But it's no longer possible to get ahead with low prices alone, right?
Absolutely, that was just one example of our customer orientation, which continues to motivate us to forge new paths. Another example is our Engineering Solutions department, which we have been consistently developing for a few years now.

What exactly does Engineering Solutions mean?
As the requirements of our international brand customers become increasingly more demanding, we have also seen growing demand for seal and sliding bearing technology with a better performance than the DIN standard. And once again, we saw a great opportunity for us here, namely to be quicker, better and more agile than many other companies on the market. With our Engineering Solutions department, we have set up a business division with the sole task of developing customer-specific solutions.

How do you make sure that you meet the undoubtedly stringent quality requirements of your customers?
Quality is and will always remain the very first prerequisite for us. And this applies in equal measure to standard products and individual solutions. That's why we have invested in our own state-of-the-art laboratory.
We also benefit from our producers' testing facilities, which have been specifically designed for industrial, automotive and medical applications.

Sliding bearings and seals are your key competencies.

How do you see your role with regard to trade?

Our ttv 2030 strategy views trade as a strong sales partner for our standard products. We have analysed demand
in this area too, and over the coming years will be investing further in logistics solutions and above all in the breadth and depth of our product range, in order to optimally meet the requirements for extremely fast availability and attractive prices.

Thank you for that insight into your strategy and philosophy. And of course many congratulations and all the best for the coming years!