Dr. Schneider company group.


Experience in car interiors - focus on excellence!

The Dr. Schneider company group has established itself as a specialist in top-class products for vehicle interiors – from innovative ventilation systems through to highly integrated trims as well as sophisticated modules for dashboards and centre consoles. As a strategic and flexible partner to its customers, the company now works on pioneering solutions for the mobile world of the future – and always with a “Focus on Excellence”.

The brand stands for innovation and aesthetics, outstanding quality and perfection, and reliability and conscientiousness. With its passion for the latest technologies, the fascinating world of the car, as well as for people and precision, the company is setting new standards in form, function and technology.

As an internationally successful family company, its products are manufactured at proprietary sites in Germany, China, Poland, Spain and the USA. Over 4000 employees work on excellent products all around the world – and always with the aim of making the car the best place on earth.

ttv technology as a supplier for seal technology

 The values of the Dr. Schneider company group are a fantastic fit with ttv’s corporate philosophy – possibly one reason why the collaboration has developed so successfully and so consistently. After all, we both have clear expectations for our partners and suppliers, with a focus on values such as cost transparency, proprietary technical expertise, top quality and reliability. Under the leadership of Senior Manager Massimiliano Casini-Cherici, we have been able to win over this valued partner with a proposal from our subsidiary company ttv technology that is able to bring about clear cost reductions.

Manfred Zillig, Project Manager at Dr. Schneider company group: “We are very impressed by the high level of speed and flexibility shown by ttv technology, and its astonishingly clever proposal has allowed us to achieve a clear cost benefit with this application.”

A perfect solution in the form of the ttv O-ring 30x3 NBR

The component is a 30x3 NBR O-ring, which is used with standard tolerances in smartphone holders such as those used in the Dacia Dokker. We are very proud of this collaboration with the Dr. Schneider company group, which is one of the global market leaders in premium-tier products in the areas of ventilation systems and window frame panelling. As the person directly responsible for the Dr. Schneider company group as a ttv customer, Massimiliano Casini-Cherici has set the goal of gradually expanding this collaboration, which is still in its early stages, and of continuing to impress the company in the future with innovative solutions, flexibility and speed.