High performance shaft seal development project successfully completed!


The complex test series yielded astonishing results, and are paramount in the perfect alignment of high performance shaft seals.

The objective was clear. A comprehensive series of tests was to be carried out in order to analyse the crucial parameters for the development and alignment of customer-specific shaft seals in the high-performance segment and, ideally, to make these parameters definable.

Thank you to the development team
We would like to thank the development team made up of university employees as well as ttv specialists. Since mid-2016, they have been working tirelessly on defining a new proprietary high-performance standard for ttv, with countless test series and trials.

Brutal series of tests
As part of the series of tests, the products were purposefully subjected to severe testing at their maximum limits and beyond. In addition to temperature, pressure and materials, an extremely wide range of different lubricants including those of a low quality were also used in order to simulate a worst-case scenario.

It is also worth noting that the university carrying out the testing rejected the rotor shafts provided by the customer as inadequate. These were not suitable for laboratory tests carried out in accordance with necessary high test standards. Therefore, the shaft quality should always be incorporated as a factor in an advance conclusion regarding high-performance applications in order to achieve optimal results.

⇒ttv is now able to develop shaft seals based on clearly defined process parameters for the most demanding customer-specific requirements worldwide.

For these high-performance shaft seals, it is essential that our customer is involved in the development process.

The customer's rotor shaft must always be incorporated with all of its quality parameters.

The series of tests gave us the security to advise our customers with even greater professionalism and to develop solutions that can offer that all-important competitive advantage.

Three performance classes were developed:

– Standard shaft seals
– High-performance shaft seals with around a 10% increase in performance
– High-performance shaft seals that were developed together with the customer for     
   performance increases well beyond 10%.

ttv Managing Director Harald Nitzschke is very pleased with the results, even in light of the investments that have been made:

"We now have an even better understanding of which influencing factors need to be considered in order to develop application-specific world-class solutions with our customers that have a formula-1 level of sophistication".