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Best examples of development competence

Seals and slide bushings are only comparatively small components in the area of technological components and assemblies, but does not change the fact that both product categories are often crucial for the quality of functional components.

Customer and project-specific solutions from ttv have lead to demonstrable and significant increases in quality and haptic properties over recent years, combined with maximum service lives.


The contract came with a very clear brief. The ventilation system of a vehicle in the medium-price segment should provide the customer with a high-quality haptic experience.

The ttv team found that the answer to achieving this objective lay in the torque of the wheel used to adjust the desired air flow in the vehicle interior. The plastic cardan joint, which is directly connected to the rotary button on the operator side and to the inside of the device via blades, needs to be located in the area of the central support point. It goes without saying that the cost-benefit ratio was of utmost importance here

Facts and figures

  • Successful solution in test series using ttv X-rings
  • In the subsequent trials, a rather unusual material for X-rings was tested and found to be very suitable. That material was silicone
  • The use of silicone was made possible thanks to the low or practically non-existent rotations and the lack of a medium to be sealed
  • Our customers were delighted with the result, as the solution was unusual, economical and functional, as well as quick and easy to work with in production


The best example of our skills in the aerospace sector are the special fluorosilicone FVMQ O-rings for the drive units for the cargo-loading system used in the Airbus A380. These units were developed by Rheinmetall Defence Electronics in cooperation with the company Wittenstein.

Unlike conventional models, these drive units have two motors, meaning that lifting and rotating operations can be carried out independently. The PDUs are installed in the cargo hold of the A380s. Their main task is to provide the necessary traction to move air-freight pallets and containers in the cargo hold under all environmental conditions. The SE-PDUs are fitted with two independently driven AC servo motors. One motor provides the necessary traction, while the other motor actively moves the roller up or down.

Spring-loaded PDUs are arranged between the roller tracks in order to move pallets inside the cargo hold.

The fact that WITTENSTEIN aerospace & simulation opted to use us as their supplier in this market is something that we are very proud of, and encourages us to drive forward the development of more individual and technologically sophisticated solutions.

Facts and Figures

  • Development and supply of O-rings for demanding applications
  • Consideration of and compliance with the most stringent safety standards
  • Certified partner to the aerospace industry

Engineering Solutions

So if you want to win over the tough competition among agricultural machinery manufacturers with innovative and noticeably better product solutions, it's best to come straight to ttv. We will find a solution for every problem. Challenge us. 

A solution for every current requirement.