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Having an immediately available standard works wonders Our customers are increasingly looking for solutions that are the perfect match for their specific technical and climatic requirements. We are therefore making the strategic, future-oriented decision to further increase our focus on customer-specific product development, an approach that the company has followed right from its foundation.

Since the company was founded over 25 years ago, the demands placed on machines and components have continued to grow. And according to company founder Jochen Nitzschke, ttv has been valued for its customer-specific product solutions right from the start.

As a result of the increasing specialisation of products in practically all industry sectors and the fierce global competition, applications with specific solutions are becoming increasingly important on the market. This clear development has lead to the strategic decision to set up a separate development area for customer-specific product solutions, with substantial capacity to support our customers.

We have an experienced team of specialists in the fields of technology and engineering working in this new area, and we attend to every conceivable detail of a project. Material properties, material composition and design make sure that the media are kept permanently and sustainably separated from one another and that the elasticity and functionality are retained even under extreme weather conditions.

Managing Director Harald Nitzschke:
"With ttv Engineering Solutions, we are able to offer our customers first-class services and genuine added value thanks to individually developed product solutions".

Get in touch to discuss your requirements. We're sure that our Engineering Solutions department will be able to develop customised solutions that are perfectly tailored to your needs.

ttv. Engineering Solutions!

A few examples of the customer-specific solutions that we have developed can be found below. For reasons of confidentiality, we are unable to show you the full range of solutions that we have developed. We would be happy to tell you more during a face-to-face discussion.


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