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Kordel trusts in ttv solutions for gearboxes and drive systems!

As a technology leader, the company KORDEL Antriebstechnik GmbH provides its customers in the industrial truck, construction machinery and agricultural machinery industry with future-oriented solutions in the area of complex gears and complete drive systems. At the company’s Dülmen site, over 450 KORDEL employees produce series components in multi-shift operation in state-of-the-art machining centres.

In September 1945, after the end of the war, Heinrich Kordel started to reconstruct his grandparents’ forging plant which was founded back in 1879.

With the increase in mechanisation in the agricultural industry in the 1950s, the focus of the former blacksmith also shifted towards the production of trailers for agriculture. At the start of the 1960s, KORDEL was producing a lot of chain wheels.

The year 1970 marked a key milestone in the company’s history, with a shift in focus towards gear manufacturing. KORDEL specialised in the production of complete gears and gearwheels based on its own design, and at the end of the 1980s, expanded its range of gear-related products to include turntable bearings and AC and DC motors.

At the end of the 1990s, Johannes and Christoph Kordel took over at the helm of the business, marking the fourth generation of company management. In addition to the main factors in Dülmen-Rödder, the KORDEL Group now also has production sites in Dülmen-Dernekamp and in Jawor/Poland. 

“When it comes to our partner ttv, we really appreciate its professionalism and its consistent high quality and delivery reliability. We are also impressed by the quick reaction time. After all, when the going gets tough, the ttv-team are always there for us without delay”! 

Jonas Wiebrecht,
Purchaser at KORDEL 

ttv has been supplying Kordel with parts since 2001

ttv has been a supplier and partner for KORDEL for over 20 years. Sales and Technology at ttv, ttv’s “Best Partner” philosophy is the perfect match for KORDEL’s “Together stronger” motto. In essence, it’s all about working in close collaboration with the in-house production department and the ttv team to develop solutions that can reliably withstand extremely high strain.

The collaboration started in 2001 with the supply of end caps, and the range was then continually expanded over the following years. Nowadays, the supplied products primarily take the form of customer-specific special end caps with seam, for the installation of pressure relief valves. These currently encompass over 20 product versions with dimensions ranging from 28 x 7 up to 120 x 12 mm. For both companies, this collaboration is the best example of how to achieve excellence and create win-win situations with the same value base of professionalism and fairness.

For ttv it goes without saying that this assessment serves as confirmation of the more than 20 years of collaboration, while at the same time pushing him and his team to do everything they can to strengthen the partnership with KORDEL.

Further projects are being planned so as to continue working together to successfully shape the future. As part of this, ttv is striving to expand on the partnership with product solutions in the areas of seals and sliding bearings - two areas where ttv has a verifiably good reputation on the market.

ttv is looking forward to tackling the upcoming challenges for its customer KORDEL in Dülmen. 

A focus on the customer

Clear customer benefit is the foundation of all of KORDEL’s services. It is on that basis that the company develops and implements innovative solutions, from powerful gears through to ready-to-install drive modules. Half a century of experience in drive technology go into KORDEL products, which are developed in close collaboration with customers and partners in line with specific requirements.

This brings about solutions that are characterised by performance, future-proof design and economic efficiency. 

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