Our core competence field Plain bushings


Broad programme for global market leaders and special customers.

Usit Ringe Datenblatt Maße technische Informationen Dichtungen Gleitlager best Partner Illertissen With our second area of expertise, plain bearing technology, we have developed a broad and deep programme with which we have been serving globally active customers as market leaders in their industries for many years. This makes us proud and drives us to work on our performance every day. The best example of this is the qualified application advice provided by our technical sales department, with which we quickly offer our customers a suitable solution.

Plain bushings from ttv are used in all industries and prove themselves from classic applications to applications with complex challenges such as heat, cold, dust, dirt and moisture - with enormous service life and reliability. Depending on the application, materials such as solid bronze, cast iron, steel and in combination with sintered copper and sliding layers are combined to guarantee maximum service life.

By dividing our product portfolio into six categories, we offer our customers quick access to the solutions and have clearly summarised all relevant detailed information and technical data on our website.

Rolled plain bushings
- Rolled dry sliding bushings (PTFE)
- Rolled dry sliding bushing (POM)
- Rolled plain bushings (CuSn8)
- Rolled plain bushings with solid lubricant

Solid lubricants
- Plain bushings in three versions made of solid bronze, cast iron and steel

Turned solid plain bushings
- Plain bushings made of solid brass with turned oil grooves

Plain bushings made of bi-metal
- Plain bushings made of bi-metal in five different versions

Sintered bronze and sintered iron Plain bushings
- Three designs for classic applications from power tools to mechanical engineering

Plastic Plain bushings
- High-strength, oil-impregnated or nylon reinforced Plain bushings

Special automotive parts
- Special solutions for shock absorbers in motor vehicles

Engineering Solutions
When even the large variety of products we stock does not meet the special application you require, our Engineering Solutions specialists come into play for you.
After all, readily available standard products are good and naturally cover a wide range of daily needs today. But more and more customers are also making increasing use of our solutions expertise to obtain individual, perfectly matched products with longer service life, resistance and quality for their application-specific requirements.
For this purpose, we have an experienced team of specialists from the technical and engineering departments. When it comes to customised solutions, no stone is left unturned. From the analysis and resulting preference of material properties, material composition and shaping, we develop solutions that keep their promise even under extreme weather conditions.
Take advantage of our solutions - whether as an available standard or as engineering solutions developed especially for you.