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V-rings immediately available from stock.

With the move to our new NEUEHEIMAT site, we are now operating a new, state-of-the-art high-bay warehouse with almost 1000 pallet storage spaces in our 16.500 m 3 logistics centre, as well as an automatic small parts warehouse with enough space for approx 350 pallets.

Also associated with these investments is the gradual replenishment of our warehouse stock, with the aim of further increasing the availability of goods. Despite the general delivery chain problems we are currently facing, this increased availability is already noticeable in some product groups where immediate delivery is back on the table.

Our V-rings in NBR and FKM are now stocked in large volumes, and we’ll be explaining a bit more about how this all works in this article.

V-rings in NBR and FKM immediately available from stock

V-rings from ttv are used as rubber seals for rotating shafts, and are characterised by extremely high technical standards, outstanding quality and high-grade materials. They are flexible and particularly easy to fit, and can easily be pulled over flanges, flywheels and entire bearing housings without any costly disassembly work.

V-rings from ttv offer reliable protection against dust, dirt, grease, oil and splash water, and are used in practically all areas of drive technology as well as in the agricultural and construction machinery sector.

The stiffener body, the joint and the sealing lip create the typical structure of the rubber seal in the form of the V-rings. V-rings sit on the shaft and need to be fitted perpendicularly and at a precisely defined distance to the metal counter face in order to ensure exact pretensioning. V-rings rotate together with the shaft and perform a sealing effect on the counter face in an axial direction.

V-rings are mainly used in combination with additional seals such as shaft sealing rings, and are used as upstream sealing elements in bearings. We supply V-rings directly from stock with a variety of standard cross-sections and constructions for a wide range of different applications and spatial conditions.


Alongside our products, we also offer additional services for our customers:

  • Customer-specific labelling
  • Customisable packaging units
  • High-efficiency assembly installation
  • Spare parts supply
  • Kanban delivery

Make the most of the high availability of our product solutions and get in touch to discuss your requirements with us.