ttv drive seals for extreme applications.


When the going gets tough.

Dichtung ttv ttv Dichtungen GleitlagerExtreme operating conditions, especially in connection with mud, sand, dust, dirt or soil, demand sealing solutions that always deliver what they promise.

But especially in demanding industries such as construction and agricultural machinery or wind turbines, classic shaft seals in standard designs or cassette seals quickly reach their limits. But ttv makes it possible.

We present the perfect solution: Newly developed drive seals

Specially developed for static or dynamic applications, the mechanical drive seals from ttv offer the big plus in service life and functionality.

- High wear resistance 
- Maintenance-free solutions
- No ingress of aggressive and abrasive media into the drive seals

Get the ttv drive seals for the tough applications out there now.

Available in a wide range of dimensions and variants.