There is no peace and quiet. Major problems continue to dominate at the German ports and also worldwide.
Many seagoing vessels are anchored in the German Bight and waiting for processing. Almost no ship is currently arriving punctually at its port of destination. Ship schedules and quay plans have to be adjusted, pre- and on-carriages have to be postponed and rebooked several times. As a result, space utilisation at the seaport terminals is enormously high and containers are waiting in the port for longer than average.

In addition, the warning strikes at German ports are having a very strong impact on handling. After no agreement was reached in the last rounds of negotiations by the services trade union ver.di, work stoppages occurred again.

The lockdown in Shanghai was lifted at the beginning of June. In this context, an increased arrival of ships from China is expected for the end of July / beginning of August and thus a worsening of the congestion situation in front of the northern and western ports.

Therefore, we also have to expect delivery delays.