realignment of the management level


Harald Nitzschke takes on more managerial responsibility

Team Firma ttv IllertissenHarald Nitzschke has expanded the company's management level in a targeted manner in light of the imminent move to the NEUEHEIMAT site as well as ambitious strategic growth targets and comprehensive organisational optimisations.

Harald Nitzschke also sees this as sending a strong signal to the entire team that the very best career opportunities can be found in-house at ttv and that these are actively promoted.

Claudia Rath, Bernd Stäuble and Massimiliano Casini-Cherici are all delighted to have been trusted in their new roles as COO, CQO and Automotive Manager respectively and are looking forward to the additional responsibilities these will bring. We would like to introduce the new management team to you today. We wish everyone joining the management level every success in their roles.

"I'm really pleased to have been able to form my new management team with experienced and loyal employees from within the company". Harald K. A. Nitzschke, CEO

Harald K. A. Nitzschke, CEO
Since 2003, managing partner Harald Nitzschke has been responsible for the management and future strategy of the company founded by his father over 30 years ago. And with the expansion of the company's management level and the NEUEHEIMAT project, he is bringing in a whole new era.

Claudia Rath, COO
Harald Nitzschke's long-standing assistant has taken on the role of COO and has been given general commercial power of representation. As Chief Operating Officer, Claudia Rath will be taking care of the operational implementation of the strategy and targets within the company. Her main focus will be on optimising all of the internal processes. In light of the move in September 2021 and the associated new infrastructure, this task is of key importance for ttv. 

Bernd Stäuble, CQO
Bernd Stäuble is a real institution at ttv, and knows all about the challenges faced by the sector with regard to technology and quality. As Chief Quality Officer, authorised representative and QMB Manager, Bernd Stäuble will be responsible for the IT, QM and QA departments. These departments represent the heart of ttv, as it's the company's quality and highly efficient IT systems that define its success both today and–now more than ever–in the future as well.

Massimiliano Casini-Cherici,
ttv automotive Senior Management

For Harald Nitzschke, Massimiliano Casini-Cherici's move to the ttv automotive Senior Management team is a logical and consistent step. With many years' experience working in Key Accounting, he will be focussing increasingly on the strategic development of the Automotive business area in the future. He will be supported in his day-to-day activities by his dedicated team, freeing up his time to take on his new challenges.