1990                   Foundation of ttv in Senden, near Ulm.

1991-1994         Seals sold to first global players
                            such as SEW and Kärcher.

1995                   Intensification and expansion of production, and inclusion of additional product groups.

1996-2000          ttv acquires additional leading international brands as customers thanks to its first-class                                                 price/performance ratio.

2002                   Relocation to the new site in Illertissen with generous logistics areas and office spaces.

2003                   The founder's son, Harald Nitzschke, takes over the company management, and takes steps                                         towards further growth.

2005 – 2013       Introduction of the second competence area of sliding bushing technology, and consistent                                            strengthening of customer relationships in both areas.

2015                   The company celebrates not only its 25-year anniversary but also the 75th birthday of Senior                                        Director Jochen Nitzschke.

2017                   Considerable expansion of the office and warehouse areas at the Illertissen site.

2018                   Investment in a new, state-of-the-art laboratory. Market launch of new materials and designs.

2020                   ttv celebrates its 30-year anniversary. Kick-off of the ttv 2030 strategy
                           with a re-structuring of the business areas and intensification of activities.



When successful companies celebrate an anniversary, people are always particularly

interested in how everything began. Senior Director Jochen Nitzschke, who
celebrates his 80th birthday this year, smiles as he looks back on the first days and months.
"In 1990, I decided to go self-employed. I was full of drive, and I rented a small office in the room next to an insurance broker. From there, I started to make telephone calls to
reach potential customers. My products started out as wear parts such as
seals and sealing plugs for special machinery, transmission components and special systems. And one thing was clear even then: Whatever a customer needed, I would try to provide. That's how I achieved customer loyalty and gained their trust
– which remains an important factor in our success today".