Engineering solutions in the Wind power technology sector


One particularly tricky challenge was perfectly overcome thanks to application-specific constructions.

Windkraft Windkrafttechnik ttv Produkte The huge strains and extreme temperature differences involved mean that wind power plants also pose particular challenges for the sealing technology used in the rotating parts. It is for precisely this reason that standard seals soon reach their limits, and special constructions are often required with regards to material and geometry. The following best-practice example features a specially developed piston seal for a grease gun.

Seal for a follower piston for a central lubrication system

Wind power technology.

Follower piston for the PMMA media tank of a central lubrication system with the media oil and grease.

The grease gun tank is made of plastic with a very smooth surface. At +– 2.5 mm at a diameter of 290 mm, the tolerance is very high. The tank is also exposed to rotation during application.

Test/test setup:
FEA calculation for the design of the necessary sealing lip geometry for the min./max. tolerances. Test series with different geometries, taking into account the two different media and rotation loads.

- The ttv piston seal developed in accordance with the customer's specific requirements completely passes all of the customer tests.

- There are no performance restrictions even when using the "worst case" medium of a low-viscosity spindle oil.

- The seal is a cost-efficient component thanks to its injection-moulded design.