"Wir zusammen". 

The integration initiative created by German industry.

On 14 September 2016, German Chancellor Angela Merkel invited the member companies of the "Wir zusammen" [We together] initiative to take part in discussions at the Chancellory.

The majority of these companies attended the meeting, including Dax group companies, medium-sized companies and micro-enterprises. Right in the thick of it was also ttv Managing Director Harald Nitzschke.

The Chancellor used the meeting to find out more information regarding the status of the ongoing integration projects being implemented by the "Wir zusammen" companies. Companies made the most of the opportunity to discuss ideas both with the Chancellor and with the other companies. Key topics of discussion included the positive development of ongoing integration initiatives, but also the obstacles faced in relation to the integration.

Some company initiatives are gradually changing their focus: Whereas primary care for new arrivals and support for processing centres were the priority at the start, companies are now increasingly concentrating on integration into the world of work during the second phase of the projects. The initiative gained 118 members between its launch in February 2016 and September of the same year, including 16 of the 30 Dax groups as well as medium-sized companies and small enterprises from extremely wide-ranging sectors.

Over 16,000 employees are actively involved with refugees as mentors within their companies. The most common countries of origin are Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea.

ttv Managing Director
Harald Nitzschke sums up the task as follows:
"In line with our corporate philosophy Best Partner, we are committed to offering people a chance for career prospects and integration in this time of immigration and flight. We also wish to convey the social values of our country".

Numerous companies in Germany share this conviction and have launched their first integration projects over the past months.

These are often prompted directly by the employees, who also bring a great deal of energy to the implementation of the projects. The scale of an integration project is not important here. All help counts.

Our company therefore decided to offer apprenticeships and internships to young refugees and to make every effort to provide them with valuable support.

This allows refugees to use their existing qualifications in a wide range of departments while also learning new aspects and procedures, in areas ranging from warehouse management to quality assurance and administration. The interns are also given an insight into our culture's social values thanks to the personal mentors and their complete integration into the team of employees.

The first refugee to join us as part of this project was Mihretab Brahne, who has been with us since February 2016 and who decided to start a training course at ttv after successfully completing a 6-week internship and gaining valuable experience.


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