V- und Gamma-Rings

V-Rings are rubber elastic, axial lip seals, which are used as spin, combined or as additional seals for bushings. The v-shaped sealing is characteristic of these sealing lip elements, which is suspended via a joint of the base body.

Our V-Rings are in demand protecting against dust, dirt, grease, oil and water splashes in most areas of drive technology, as well as in the sector of agricultural and construction machines. Special sizes and finishes for heavy and wind power industries complete our offer. ttv V-Rings in design of VA/VS/VL/VLX/VE/VAX draw on the highest technical standard and only the best materials.

For those applications, where adverse circumstances are to be expected, we recommend our Gamma-Rings RM/9RM. These have in addition to the rubber a housing that protects against stones and coarse dirt. Normal and stainless steel housing and NBR and Viton-rubbers combine a variety of potential fittings and applications.

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