turned and milled parts, punched and bent parts.

ttv has expanded its range of services to include drawing-based production parts.

The more quickly the markets move, the more flexible we try to be in offering our customers the very best. For a few years ago now, the continuing very good economic situation has lead to huge strains on our customers. The resulting bottlenecks in our customers' in-house production and the increased cost pressure have meant that we are receiving increasingly frequent requests for the delivery of drawing-based production parts.

Thanks to our excellent supplier connections with the very highest quality standards, we have been able to prove our capabilities in delivering these types of parts right from the very first projects.

We have now established a reliable ttv infrastructure for the new area of drawing-based production parts, and are ready to take on more demanding challenges in this field.

Use our new supply channel and solve your production problems - with your trusted partner ttv.

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