standard types radial seals

Standard types A and AS

The outer surfaces of the reinforcement ring of the profile Types A and AS carry an elastomer jacket, that ensures the appropriate tightness between the Shaft-Seal on the one hand and the incorporation of the housing on the other. This type can be utilized for split casings and casings of materials with higher thermal expansion.

Jacketed outer diameter

Bauform A und AS

Standard types B and BS

The outer diameter is deep-drawn, depending on size and application, turned to size or polished. This ensures a perfect press fit and can cope with a smaller press fit addition.

Metal outer surface

Bauform B und BS

Standard types C and CS

These types are very similar to the B / BS, but differ by an additional reinforcement ring. The advantage here is the very high stiffness and can therefore be used in harsh environments and larger dimensions.

Metal outer surface with reinforcement ring

Standard types A and AS with grooving

Generally, the grooves Shaft-Seals are similar in its form to A / AS. Only the outer diameter is different due to a grooving with a larger press fit addition. This type shows reduced press-in force and simultaneously increased static sealing at high thermal expansions.

Jacketed outer diameter with grooving


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