Plastic sliding bearings


OMC is an oil-impregnated nylon material. It is a high-strength and self-lubricating plastic made from a nylon monomer and which stores lubricant as a result of a catalysing polymerization reaction.

OMC is popular in hydroelectricity technology, metallurgical machinery, rubber roller machinery and vulcanisation machinery.

Tensile strengthTemperature rangeFriction coefficientHardnessLinear expansion
14 MPa20 MPa-40°C+80°0.120.16HRC R1181 × 10 / °C
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GMC is a reinforced nylon material. It is filled with fibreglass, which gives it impressively high levels of stability and rigidity along with low stick-slip.

This material is commonly used in the mining industry, in shipyards and in the paper manufacturing industry.

ZugfestigkeitTemperaturbereichReibungskoeffizientHärteLineare Ausweitung
14 MPa20 MPa-40°C+80°0.450.5HRC R1181 × 10 / °C




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