Shaft-Seals are leak-free, active sealing elements, which are used when-ever the housing needs to be sealed from the external environment. We are the right contact-partner for you, when it comes to Shaft-Seals, due to decades of experience we recognise that: within daily use there are high requirements on the quality and nature of the tribological system. This is why ttv Shaft-Seals feature only the highest technical standards and the best of materials.

Whether for standard applications or for individually tailored solutions, our Shaft-Seals ensure operational functionality and the longevity of your machine.





The Shaft-Seals are applied as a seal component for sealing of rotating shafts in housing. They are composed of an elastic rubber membrane with a sealing lip, a tension spring and a metallic reinforcement ring. The reinforcement ring attaches during the curing process under high pressure and heat into the V-shape together with the rubber mixture. The DIN 3760 provides the basis for the design of this construction and application and of course for the quality standards.

Mode of action

The Shaft-Seal permanently separates mediums such as emulsions, oils and greases of the housing interior from dust, water and external dirt. At the same time it must be ensured, that both the static sealing of the housing as well as the static and dynamic sealing of the axle is guaranteed. Since the sealing lip of the Shaft-Seal is slightly smaller than the shaft diameter, this prestressing acts onto the shaft. The spring amplifies the radial force of the elastomer and stabilises it in operating condition.



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