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Wittenstein Aerospace & Simulation GmbH relies on sealing technology

from ttv Automotive!

Based in Igersheim, Germany, WITTENSTEIN aerospace & simulation GmbH develops, integrates, produces and delivers mechatronic drive systems for aviation, aerospace and simulation applications. ttv has been the company's O-ring supplier for many years. The WITTENSTEIN Group has over 2800 employees worldwide, and an annual turnover of over EUR 520 million (2022/2023).

Strict and sophisticated development processes within the company ensure that all products precisely meet the requirements of demanding customers. WITTENSTEIN's innovative solutions are used in mission-critical, flight-critical and environment-critical systems - in other words, wherever maximum performance, robustness, reliability, limited installation space and low weight are the keys to success. The high demands in the aerospace industry are also characterized by product life cycles of 50 years and longer. For WITTENSTEIN's development team, this means taking into account the requirements of the day after tomorrow in new developments today and constantly breaking new ground in drives, for example.

But that's not all: these ideas subsequently have to be further developed for series production. Here in particular, unforeseeable challenges often have to be overcome. Another essential aspect of the business is continuity: Existing systems are therefore continuously adapted to new requirements and further perfected.

"The cooperation with ttv automotive has been excellent from the first consultation through all innovation steps and test procedures to series delivery. This is how we imagine transparent processes and a successful long-term partnership."

Jens Arnold,
Project Manager Strategic Purchasing by WITTENSTEIN

Responsibility, trust, openness and innovation

WITTENSTEIN's corporate philosophy is characterized by the four values of responsibility, trust, openness and innovation. What does this philosophy mean for supplier partners? Above all, absolutely process-reliable performance, top quality, networked working and a flair for innovative solutions that go far beyond the standard. That's why WITTENSTEIN's decision to collaborate with our subsidiary ttv automotive first of all makes us very proud.

After all, with the solution developed for special sealing rings made of fluorosilicone FVMQ, we have been able to meet precisely the requirements set. And these requirements are exceptionally high in the cargo hold of a commercial aircraft. 

In addition to extreme physical phenomena such as heat, cold, condensation, vibration, and shock, the seals are also exposed to other influences. These include media such as water, cleaning agents, hydraulic oil, salts, glycol, dust and aluminum abrasion, against which the equipment must be protected. The sealing rings are used for the drive units of the cargo loading system on the Airbus A380.

These units were developed by WITTENSTEIN. Unlike conventional models, these drive units are equipped with two motors that enable lifting and turning independently of each other.


The POWER DRIVE UNIT (PDUs) are installed in the cargo hold of the A380. Their main task is to provide the necessary traction under all environmental conditions for the idler to safely move air cargo pallets and containers in the cargo hold.

The PDUs are equipped with two independently operated AC servo motors. One motor provides the necessary traction force, while the other motor can actively move the roller up or down. Spring-loaded PDUs are tensioned between the roller tracks to move the pallets within the cargo area.

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WITTENSTEIN is very satisfied with the solutions supplied. ttv sees this collaboration as confirmation of its strategy of focusing more on customer-specific solutions. After all, says Managing Director Harald Nitzschke, standard products can hardly meet the complex requirements of many of our customers. And the newly created Engineering Solutions comprise precisely the same process steps that have led to success at WITTENSTEIN.