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Watt Drive impressed by reliability in terms of quality and suitability for

series production.

Watt Drive is a specialist in the development and production of drive technology. The company has been part of the Brazilian WEG Group since 2011, and is based in Markt Piesting, a town to the south of Vienna, Austria. Watt Drive sells products and solutions for the drive technology and automation industries all over the world. With its motor and gearbox kits, the company offers a combinable range of modular complete drive systems for production machines and industrial production systems.

All major sectors of the international mechanical and plant engineering industry rely on Watt Drive's product solutions. These include automation technology, conveyor technology, the beverage industry, the wood industry, the food industry, ropeway technology, the steel industry as well as theater and stage technology and environmental technology.

All of the key sectors within the international mechanical and plant engineering industry put their trust in the product solutions from Watt Drive. These sectors include automation technology, conveyor technology, the drinks industry, the wood industry, the food industry, cable railway technology and the steel industry, as well as theatre and stage technology and environmental engineering.

Watt Drive's philosophy is based on the six pillars of customer satisfaction, personality, reliability, conscientious suppliers, global presence with the WEG Group and quality. The two companies are therefore a perfect match, as ttv also stands for long-term partnerships, openness, honesty and transparency in line with its Best Partner philosophy.

"ttv continues to impress us over and over again with series seals that are absolutely top-class in terms of quality and safety. The company's strong customer focus is the perfect fit for us and our team. I look forward to working with the ttv specialists from Illertissen on many more projects to come."


Werner Breitsching,
Purchaser Manager WATT EURODIRVE

ttv as an expert and long-term supplier of sealing technology

ttv Managing Director Harald Nitzschke clearly remembers the initial enquiry from Watt Drive in 2002 regarding seals for drive motors. We were already on the path towards becoming a partner for individual, customer-specific solutions at that time.

After the initial consultations, a meeting was held at Watt Drive's head office in Markt Piesting near Vienna in order to establish ways of significantly increasing the service lives and load capacities of the seals being used by the company. Specially tailored, double-lipped HNBR shaft sealing rings were recommended, which passed all of the relevant tests with flying colours.
ttv has been a close technological partner of Watt Drive ever since, and has continually optimised its solutions over the years with the introduction of additional applications.

Due to the huge loads that are involved, the steel industry offers a great deal of potential with regard to using customised solutions to further increase service lives and temperature resistance.

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ttv as a proven specialist in engineering solutions

For Harald Nitzschke, this is not only an affirmation but also an incentive to keep on expanding upon ttv's successful approach as a specialist in engineering solutions in a targeted manner. After all, having an immediately available standard is a fantastic thing. ttv customers are increasingly looking for solutions that are the perfect match for their specific technical and climatic requirements.

With its future-oriented strategic decision to follow the approach of customer-specific product developments, and the associated investment into development capacities and laboratory technology, we are fully on the right path in this regard. Another area that should not be overlooked is that of standard products that are available directly from stock at extremely short notice.

Time and time again, we see customers looking for urgent solutions and are able to support them by initially providing off-the-shelf products, before then going on to simultaneously develop optimised customer-specific solutions for their particular applications, explains Harald Nitzschke.

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