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Kärcher – a real success story for ttv!

Alfred Kärcher was one of the numerous inventors and businessmen to come out of Württemberg since the start of industrialisation, such as Robert Bosch, Gottlieb Daimler or Graf Zeppelin.

In 1924, he completed his studies at the University of Stuttgart at the age of 23, and went on to work at his father’s agency, which he developed into an engineering office. In 1935, the engineer set up his own company in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt in order to bring his product ideas in the area of heating technology to the market.

Alfred Kärcher made his breakthrough in cleaning technology in 1950, with the development of the first European hot water high-pressure cleaner. The design for the heating of the water was so forward-thinking that it remains the basis for all burners to date. 


Kärcher founded the first foreign subsidiary in France back in 1962, followed by subsidiaries in Austria and Switzerland. The company continues to rigorously pursue its internationalisation approach. Kärcher is now represented by its own subsidiaries in 60 countries, and 85% of its turnover is generated abroad. In order to ensure a continual supply of products for customers, there are 50,000 service centres all over the world. 

“ttv is one of the suppliers that have understood just how high our standards are; not just with regard to the quality of the products but also in terms of advice and process reliability. And these standards are met exceptionally well by ttv”. 

Peter Stricker,
Purchaser at Kärcher

ttv has been supplying Kärcher with products for over 25 years

ttv’s partnership with Kärcher spans over 25 years and is characterised by a lot of trust and top service quality. As the second customer in ttv’s history, Kärcher commissioned us with the delivery of a main seal for high-pressure cleaners to seal off the swashplate on the oil side. This seal is provided all over the world across all markets served by Kärcher today.

Impressed by the high quality of ttv products, the company went on to commission additional special products over the years, such as O-rings with no phthalates. The average total number of all delivered parts of around 6 million items per year shows just how important Kärcher is to ttv as a customer.

With its 0 ppm error rates, ttv always gets top marks in the annual supplier evaluation, and is of course very proud of being a long-standing provider for the global market leader and will continue to do everything it can to carry on building on this position in the future.

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Growth through innovation

Among the milestones in Kärcher’s history is the launch of the first portable high-pressure cleaner - the HD 555 profi - in 1984, which allowed the company to tap into the end consumer market. Innovation is and remains the company’s most important growth factor. In 2013 alone, Kärcher applied for over 50 new patents, and will continue to be known for its inventiveness, excellence and innovative solutions in the future. In 2018, Kärcher achieved a turnover of over EUR 2.5 billion, with over 13,000 employees worldwide.