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Gebr. Pfeiffer trusts in ttv's large format solutions!

Based in Kaiserslautern, Germany, the company Gebr. Pfeiffer has a range of innovative system solutions that make it one of the technology leaders in the efficient processing of cement, slag sand, cement raw materials, charcoal, lime, gypsum, clay and many other materials.

In line with the company motto “Passion for grinding”, Gebr. Pfeiffer stands for passion, quality and innovation. Every system is based on market-focused system solutions and is tailored to the specific requirements of every individual customer in order to guarantee maximum productivity and economic efficiency. The product range includes vertical roller mills, ball mills, high-performance and distribution table separators, triplex dryers, lime slakers and gypsym kettles.

Innovations such as the MVR vertical roller mill with MultiDrive® or the installation of the world’s largest vertical mill in Brazil show the company’s high technological standards, which always aim for maximum customer benefit in line with the company philosophy.

The solutions by Gebr. Pfeiffer consistently take the form of large industrial systems that need to be designed to ensure complete reliability and top quality in every last detail. Around 5 years ago, Gebr. Pfeiffer opted to collaborate with ttv following a tendering procedure. For Ms Alexandra Fuhr, Group Manager at Gebr. Pfeiffer, it wasn’t just ttv’s performance at a product level that brought about the decision, but also the expertise and professional advice provided by the team lead by Managing Director Harald Nitzschke and Massimiliano Casini-Cherici from Sales and Technology. 

“What impresses me about ttv is the successful symbiosis of technical expertise, professional advice and the passion for always offering us the best possible solution. This makes ttv an excellent fit with our values and requirements”.

Alexandra Fuhr,
Group Manager at Gebr. Pfeiffer 

Vertical roller mill with Multidrive®

A new vertical roller mill with Multidrive® was developed at this time as an innovation project, and is now winning over customers all over the world with its high throughputs, permanent system availability and optimised maintenance concepts. The centrepiece of the new system is the MultiDrive®, a drive system with up to six identical drive modules that can be individually maintained for service work during ongoing operation. The same applies to the up to six grinding rolls in the mill. This innovation makes the mill and the drive actively redundant. To clarify the size: Each of the individually removable grinding rolls can weigh up to 60 metric tonnes, with the safety screws measuring up to one metre in length, for example.

ttv is proud to be fitting out the highly stressed grinding rolls in the new vertical roller mill with its shaft sealing rings and O-rings, thereby making an important contribution to availability. The requirements for ttv were also very demanding: “We had never before provided shaft sealing rings with a diameter of 1 m, although we know what is involved in growing every day in terms of the requirements we can meet”.

For ttv, collaboration with Gebr. Pfeiffer is a prime example of its Best Partner philosophy and the rapidly growing Engineering Solutions department. After all, the customer-specific development of solutions such as shaft sealing rings, O-rings and sliding bearings in large-scale format is now ttv’s greatest strength. 

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