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Bomag, world market leader for compaction technology, trusts in solutions from ttv.

Bomag, global market leader for sealing technology, relies on solutions from ttv. Based in Boppard, Germany, BOMAG was founded in 1957 and is now a global market leader in the sealing technology sector, with over 2500 employees. BOMAG produces machinery for soil, asphalt and waste compaction, as well as stabilisers, recyclers, milling machines and finishers. Its sales operations are conducted by 6 regional branches in Germany, 12 independent foreign companies and over 400 trade partners in over 120 countries worldwide.

Sealing machines from BOMAG are used in landscaping and horticulture, in complete road construction and in heavy dam construction. BOMAG also develops special solutions for use at waste disposal sites of all sizes, as well as for the recycling of blacktops and for soil stabilisation. But BOMAG is also a leading global company when it comes to the measurement, documentation and monitoring of sealing work both during and after the sealing process.


“What impresses me about ttv is the speed and flexibility with which it develops coherent solutions. And this relates not only to its products, but also to its ability to perfectly meet our logistics requirements with kanban services. That’s what genuinely successful partnerships look like to us.”

Alexander Dyknich,
Development Constructor BOMAG

TTV as a long-standing partner for seals and sliding bushings

The collaboration between BOMAG and ttv began in 2001, and has been continually developing with great success ever since. these days, ttv provides the company with a wide range of products ranging from O-rings, V-rings, cassette seals, shaft sealing rings and mechanical face seals right through to end caps.

It was ttv’s high level of flexibility and customer orientation that lead to it becoming an important supplier for BOMAG, and these two attributes have been harmoniously covered by the “Engineering Solutions” department.

Key revenue drivers for ttv are the mechanical face seals, the cassette seals and the shaft sealing rings, which are often tailored to specific customer requirements and usage areas. These can be technically complex in nature, but in a recent case with BOMAG, a solution has simply been designed to make it easier to install large mechanical face seals. 

Innovative and powerful

The best example of the company’s innovative strength comes in the form of the milling rotor on the new stabiliser/recycler RS 500, which Bomag presented at INTERMAT 2018. In order to ensure safe working on slopes, the milling and mixing rotor can be slid out beyond the edge of the tyre on both the left and right-hand sides. The drive wheels can remain on more stable ground. This innovation means that a machine of this type can mill right up to the edge of the slope with no major risk for the very first time. 

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