mechanical face seal for drive technology


In the particularly tough conditions faced by tracked vehicles, ttv mechanical face seals start to show just what they're capable of.

In the particularly tough conditions faced by tracked vehicles, ttv mechanical face seals
are in their element. As a result of the heavy-duty tasks that they perform, tracked vehicles are particularly demanding when it comes to the integrated technology, whether this be the engine, the gearbox, the hydraulic system or even the seals.
Tracked vehicles are therefore the perfect example of ttv's problem-solving expertise, and the terrain faced by these vehicles is ideal for the ttv mechanical face seals. In this example project, the mechanical face seals were selected based on the customer's specific requirements in order to ensure maximum service life and efficiency with excellent cost-effectiveness.


Mechanical face seal for sealing bushings.


Drive technology


Bearing seal for tracked vehicles


Spezielle Anforderungen an die Anpresskraft und Oberflächenbeschaffenheit des Stahlteils, da im nachfolgenden Bearbeitungsschritt eine Beschichtung aufgebracht wird.

Test/test setup

Adaptation of the mechanical face seal geometry, with the aim of meeting the requirements due to the reduced contact pressure. Residues from the hardening hardening process were also removed from the surface in order to create a blank surface for immediate coating application.


  • The required service life was achieved thanks to the adaptation of the axial contact pressure
  • Minimisation of lead times for the customer, as the blank surface means that no additional steps need to be carried out in order to clean the surfaces

mechanical face seal standard

mechanical face seal after treatment

mechanical face seal


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