As a sliding bushing specialist, we are able to offer
solutions for every technological challenge. These include
our DBL-1 solid lubricant sliding bushings
which we will be presenting for you today.

DBL-1 solid lubricant sliding bushings are made from solid
bronze with integrated solid graphite lubricant.
The limits are therefore significantly higher than with
standard sliding bushings where lubrication always depends on a
film of oil.
These sliding bushings are predominantly used in heavy-duty applications,
anti-corrosion applications or when the lubricant
is very difficult to apply.

This doubles the performance parameters with regard to hardness properties
and wear resistance.
Typical application examples include die-casting machines,
mining, shipbuilding, turbo generators, hydraulic turbines
and injection-moulding machines for plastics processing.

An overview of the most important parameters:

Base material                              CuZn24Al6/CuZn25Al6Fe3Mn4
Dynamic load                              100 N/mm2
Hardness                                    HB210/HB270
Coefficient of friction                    <0.16
Temperature limit                        +300°C
Sliding speed limit, dry                 0.4 m/s
Sliding speed limit, oil                  5 m/s


Specific sliding bushings with a particularly high resilience are required wherever there are heavy loads that need to move
with low friction. We are intensifying our efforts to meet these challenges thanks to the individually developed products made by our
Engineering Solutions department.